Needing a design for their new product, the Triumph team crafted what is next-level tic-tac-toe. Fourteen different suits with five different classes for each. The goal: strategize your way to a horizontal or vertical group of three.

Although gameplay was in place and being tested, Triumph lacked a design that best communicate the gameplay.

The Suits

The first step involved creating a series of fourteen shapes and colors for the different suits. Since this game could be played by anyone, the goal was to create a set of colors and shapes that were unique from each other, but still easily identifiable. This was a difficult selection when dealing with fourteen options, but we didn’t want people arguing over too-similar elements.


With the suits decided the next step was classes. Did we want classic-style cards? Animals? Abstract?

Ultimately, we decided on something simple, and clear, with the idea that down the line Triumph could release new themed decks with different colors and class styles.

Card Design

While we worked on ideas for the classes, we also experimented with card layouts. Through play experiments we determined a hierarchy of information on the card.

Our goal: a card that clearly displayed its class and suit. Since the goal of Triumph is to create a row or column of three, we also wanted a layout that aided in quickly seeing when this was imminent, and one that worked no matter how the card was positioned on the table.

The Card


The Collection

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