OMSI Website Redesign 

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is a long-time member of Portland, Oregon. Refresh the museum web experience by productizing its offerings, streamlining content, and updating aesthetics. Keep content tight and lightweight to connect guests quickly with tools to empower planning and purchasing.

Client: OMSI  
Role: Art Direction + UI/UX Design  
Media: Digital



The original site was extremely dense, at times feeling more like you were browsing an Excel file or a Wikipedia page. Design used out-dated elements, and was not mobile-friendly. We trimmed down content to the essentials while finding new ways to make sure the good stuff wasn't left on the cutting room floor.

New Design

Home Page

Overview pages (left) give a landing spot for our four main categories, providing direct links to sales opportunities and synergistic content with other museum areas. Category sub-pages provide a quick visual breakdown of museum opportunities.



With mobile browsing becoming the norm, the site was reconfigured from the ground up to provide a dynamic experience on a range of devices. Pages, menus, and the interactive calendar all scale across a range of devices.



Although the old site had a lot of great content, the sheer volume made it hard to digest. The new site regularly features stories which keeps the site fresh and allows for experimentation with new web design techniques.