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About Me

I'm Josiah. I like bringing order to chaos, discovering new ideas, telling interesting stories, learning new things, and roller coasters.

I like design because it's a fascinating train-wreck of art and science. The poetic and the pragmatic. Sets of rules and organic creativity.

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Compact Resume/CV

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Lead Designer
OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)
May 2016 — Present | Portland, Oregon

Projects: Brand, campaign creative direction.


Digital Designer
OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)
December 2014 — Present | Portland, Oregon

Projects: refresh, museum-wide digital signage and way-finding, digital marketing kits and websites, email campaign design.


Creative Team Director/Project Manager
A Jesus Church Family, Inc. 
October 2012 — December 2014 | Portland, Oregon

Built and run a team that handles the communication for a non-profit with 7,000 members across four locations in two states. 


Contract & Freelance Designer
Straw Dog Design                
2007—Present | Portland, Oregon

Projects: website UI, infographics, full brand identity buildout and application, and both brand and social media consulting. 

Clients: Microsoft, Adobe, WebMD, local businesses


Downtown Operations Director
A Jesus Church Family, Inc.                
Oct 2011—Oct 2012 | Portland, Oregon

Managed and directed a team of leaders that oversaw teams of staff and volunteers. Oversaw use of various buildings in downtown Portland and coordinated various events within those spaces. Collaborated with people in various fields (music, security, etc.) to help these events roll smoothly.


Assoc. Experience Designer
Waggener Edstrom Worldwide
March 2010—May 2011 | Portland, Oregon    

Helped craft digital and real-world experiences, shape brands, create infographics, and figure out the best way to visually communicate ideas. Explored technologies such as gesture recognition, thermographic printing, projection mapping, interactive displays, and digital/tablet publishing.

Projects and work appeared on Engadget, TechCrunch, Ars Technica.

Clients included Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, HTC, Bing, Intel, and Cisco.